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About me


Who am I? Well, I’m female, short, and a little strange.

I’ve been taking pictures for almost fifteen years now, ever since I got my hands on my partner’s old manual SLR camera. It got stolen a year or so later, but by then I was hooked.

These days, despite the crutches and the occasional wheelchair, I manage to hop around  and photograph various things that flit across my vision, as well as planned projects. Chronic pain changes you, but in my case I’m trying to learn from my limitations; and hopefully a better photographer.

About Tree in Forest


As a site, Tree in Forest should be pretty self-explanatory. My pictures are possibly less so, but I don’t think anything should ever be explained completely; art especially!

Most of the things I do are fairly multi-layered, and just about every reading I’ve heard of my pictures has been correct. Even the ones I’ve heard and been completely dumbfounded by! It’s simplistic to say that everything is true. However, in ambiguity, every meaning is possible.


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